Religions: a path to inner peace?

Image Religions: a path to inner peace?

Due to the endless constraints of the daily life and the conflicts in their surroundings, people try to do different kinds of leisure activities and entertainment to relieve stress and relax. Some join a spa center and get a full-body massage to relax and find calmness; others get away from the noise and hectic city life for some time.

However, the impact does not last long as the feeling of uneasiness and stress comes back once they get back to their daily routine. Thus, if you are in quest of sustainable inner peace, it is advisable to try religion. Read this article and find out why religion could be a path to inner peace.

Religion is a guide to individual calmness as it promotes love

One of the basic commandments in religion is love, whether it is love for God, or love for your neighbors. This is just like what the peace advocate Prem Rawat said: "You should love one another and behave lovingly because when love comes, everything comes." In other words, love is the basis of everything.

Jesus Christ also instructs his disciples to love each other so that they could enjoy peace within. If you love God, he will help you in everything you undertake, which will cause a feeling of peace and unlimited happiness within your soul. Likewise, when you love your neighbors, your family and friends, and even your enemy, you will feel mind tranquility. Thus, religion enhances inner peace through love.

Religion leads to inner peace through humility

Humility is another important value in religion. The book of proverbs in the Bible guides believers to be humble. In fact, religion highlights the importance of humility because it leads to individual serenity. 

  • Humility, if coupled with love for God, is a key to wealth, glory and life. Humble individuals are protected from the evil eye. In other words, they will never attract the attention of aggressive, ill-willed people.
  • Through humility, you can easily secure your interests and save your life from danger. Inner peace comes naturally if you feel safe from any danger.
  •  Through humility, you establish peace with God and with yourself. This is because God listens to sincere, honest prayers by humble people, and he answers them.

Religion is a path to mind tranquility as it teaches forgiveness

With forgiveness of sins come blessings and everlasting joy. There is no other satisfying thing as feeling that our parents forgave us when we failed to do what they had asked us to do.

This consists of forgiving and forgetting what the others have done even though they have caused so much harm. The best way to do that is to pray for your enemies and rivals. You will see that you will feel inner peace gradually.

Religions is a path to mind tranquility when you do charity work

Religion encourages its congregations to engage in charity work. In fact, sharing happiness and blessings to the deprived people causes a deep feeling of serenity. Volunteering through an association is another way to engage in charity work, apart from giving alms to the poor.

For example, if you join the Prem Rawat (TPRF) Foundation, which can guide you more to establish inner peace, you can participate in humanitarian activities in many parts of the world.